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Born from the need to develop research topics belonging to different areas, the Center can exploit the extensive expertise acquired over the years by the Institute researchers in artificial intelligence, software architectures and network services, making them available to industry in order to solve specific issues.

A single shared environment where to develop research applied to efficient analysis of data from industrial contexts aiming at monitoring and controlling of systems and industrial processes, as well as at modelling, simulation and optimization of the same processes.

Applications of these technologies are broad: starting from detection, prediction and prevention of inefficiencies, anomalies, failures and qualitative drifts (for example, in order to improve control systems or to schedule on time preventive maintenance operations), for identifying the causes of anomalous events, which is an essential prerequisite for the improvement of existing systems and for designing advanced ones.

Moreover, these technologies can be applied to machinery design and control, to the management and optimization of entire production processes (in terms of product quality, production costs, energy consumption, efficient management of resources, environmental impact, etc.), to the development of models to predict the behaviour of the machinery or of the  product management in the intermediate stages of processing, down to scenario studies to assess the feasibility of more radical transformations of the same processes.

Even the potential of these technologies is enormous in terms of extraction, formalization and hoarding of corporate know-how, which is the most important resource in maintaining and increasing the competitiveness in the global market.