Valentina Colla
Technical Research Manager
Her expertise concerns simulation, modelling and control of industrial processes and industrial data processing through traditional and AI-based techniques.
Marco Vannucci
PhD - Data Scientist
Marco Vannucci is an assistant researcher working in the field of integration of artificial intelligence techniques and hybrid systems to standard modelling in the industrial field.
Silvia Cateni
M.Eng - Data scientist
Silvia Cateni is an assistant researcher working in several research projects focusing her interest in the expoloitation of soft computing techniques in the industrial framework.
Alessandro Maddaloni
PHD - Mathematician
Alessandro has a Master in mathematics and a PhD in computer science. His interests lie in the fields of discrete mathematics, graph theory and optimization.
Teresa Annunziata Branca
M.Sc - Environmental Scientist
Teresa Annunziata Branca is a Research Assistant, involved in research activities related to industrial sustainability and environmental impact.
Stefano Dettori
M.ENG - Automation Engineer
Stefano is an automation and robotics engineer. His research activity includes modelling and control of industrial system and artificial intelligence.
Barbara Fornai
M.Bus - Economist
Barbara Fornai is an assistant researcher and her activity is focused on several economical issues related to the industrial process.
Claudio Mocci
B.ENG - Software Engineer
Claudio is a Research collaborator working in several EU Projects. His activity is based mainly on the application of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence techniques for industrial automation and process optimization.
Ismael Matino
PhD - Process Engineer

Ismael Matino has a M. Eng. In Chemical Engineering and a PhD in Emerging Digital Technologies.  He is an Assistant Researcher working in the field of modelling, simulation and optimization of industrial processes by exploiting conventional and advanced (e.g. AI-based) approaches.

Marco Vannocci
M.Eng - Control System Engineer
Marco is a research assistant with expertise on systems and process control, industrial robotics and machine learning in industrial framework.
Vincenzo Iannino
M.Eng - Automation and Robotics Engineer
Vincenzo is an automation and robotics engineer. His research activity concerns with advanced control methods for industrial applications, multi-agent systems for production systems optimisation and computer programming.
Antonella Vignali
Software developer
Antonella Vignali is a software developer. Her activity deals with data analysis through data mining techniques in the field of steelmaking industries.
Orlando Toscanelli
M.Eng - Mathematical Engineer
The understanding and modeling of physical phenomena, systems and processes, is his core competence.
Maddalena Pondini