Alessandro Maddaloni

Research assistant
PhD – Mathematician





Phone: +39 050 882512

I have a Master degree in mathematics from University of Pisa and a PhD in computer science from the University of Southern Denmark.

My interests lie in the field of discrete mathematics, graph theory, optimization and mathematical modeling.

I have been studying structural and algorithmic properties of directed graphs, related to paths cycles and connectivity. These studies resulted in a series of papers in the main combinatorics journals. Since 2013, I am a research at the TECIP institute, where my task is to design mathematical models and develop optimization software for industrial problems, more specifically within steel, iron and marble production processes. I have presented my research results in several international conferences, both in the field of mathematics and in the field of engineering and optimization. I have also been a referee both for journal and conference papers.

At the University of Southern Denmark, I have had teaching experiences in several undergraduate and graduate courses.

List of Publications