Orlando Toscanelli

Research assistant
M.Eng – Mathematical Engineer




Phone: +39 050 882510

Orlando Toscanelli got his Master degree in Aeronautical Engineering (structural branch) at University of Pisa. Since 1994 he works at Scuola Superiore S. Anna (Pisa, Italy) as assistant researcher.
He regards mathematics as a coherent and powerful language that gives the possibility to the human mind to understand and control the physical reality in which we live. With this in mind, he works on mathematical modeling of physical phenomena of industrial interest. His working philosophy is based on the understanding of physics, writing of a robust and consistent mathematical formulation and implementing of suitable numerical algorithms. The aim is obtain a virtual counterpart of the real case to use to study, test and design. Commercial and own software are used for this purpose in a variety of cases, structural, thermal, chemical and fluid-dynamics.


List of Publications




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Toscanelli, Orlando; Colla, Valentina; Vannucci, Marco

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