Valentina Colla

Techincal Research Manager
PhD, M.Eng




Phone: +39 050 882507


Valentina Colla got her Master degree in Telecommunication Engineering in 1994 and Her Ph.D in Robotics in 1998. She has been working at Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna since 1995. Her research fields include standard and Artificial Intelligence-based data processing, data mining and machine learning tools and techniques. She is deeply involved in research activities related to modeling, simulation, optimization and control of industrial processes, with a particular focus on manufacturing industry and process industry.

She is active in the field of simulation of complex industrial processes and application of multi-objective optimization techniques aimed at improving resource efficiency and reducing production costs and environmental impact of process industries.
She holds also a considerable expertise on industrial application of robots and CNC machine tools and application of vision systems for control of robots and machine tools in the manufacturing industry.

She has a considerable experience in the iron & steel and in manufacturing fields. She has been involved in more than 45 EU funded projects and in many projects supported by industries. She is coordinator of 3 projects supported by the Research Fund for Coal & Steel.
She is a member of the European Steel Technology Platform (ESTEP).

List of Publications