Research Fund for Coal and Steel (RFCS)

  • Development of a model predicting inclusions precipitation in nozzles based on chemical composition and process parameters such as casting rate, liquid temperature, nozzles design and slag composition.” (Contract No 7210-PR/210) (July 2000 – June 2003).
  • Optimisation of the Influence of Boron on the Properties of Steel” (Contract No 7210-PR/355) (Luglio 2002 – Giugno 2005).
  • “The measurement and prediction of surface quality by new developments in EMATS and scarfing and the effect of scarfing on surface defects through the mills (SURFQUALDEV)” (Contract No RFSR-CT-2003-00047) (Settembre 2003 – Febbraio 2007).
  • “The prediction of rolled product properties by means of correlation with as cast structure and rolled product, plant process variables, plant process variables including modelling of segregation (PRESEG)” (Contract No RFSR-CT-2003-00022) (Settembre 2003 – Febbraio 2007).
  • “Integrated process control and diagnostics system for hot rolling mills based on evaluated physical data in comparison with mathematical process-models by using artificial intelligence methods (IPCDS) (Contract No RFSR-CT-2003-00038) (Settembre 2003 – Agosto 2006).
  • “Influence of tramp elements (P, Cu, S, Sn) on the Mannesmann effect in the transversal hot rolling of engineering steels (MANNESTRAMP)” (Contract No RFSR-CT-2004-00025) (Luglio 2004 – Giugno 2007).
  • “On-line determination of the CO/CO2 concentration in the OG system in BOF converter (ANALCO)” (Contract No RFSR-CT-2005-00007) (Luglio 2005 – Giugno 2008).
  • “Prediction of inclusions in the slabs from the process characteristics (PREDINC)” (Contract No RFSR-CT-2005-00006) (Luglio 2005 – Giugno 2008).
  • “New strategies of clogging prevention for improved productivity and steel quality (CLOGGING)” (Contract No RFSR-CT-2005-00010) (Luglio 2005 – Giugno 2008).
  • “Optimised productivity and quality of pickling by on line control of pickled surface (HIGH-PICK)” (Contract No RFSR-CT-2005-00021) (Luglio 2005 – June 2008).
  • “Width-adaptable optimized controlled-cooling systems (WACOOLs) for the production of innovative Advanced High Strength Steel grades and the study of strip shape changes while cooling (WACOOL)” (Contract No RFSR-CT-2005-00017) (Luglio 2005 – Giugno 2009).
  • “Consistent Blast Furnace Operation whilst using low cost raw materials (Consistent BF)” (Contract No RFSR-CT-2007-00002) (Luglio 2007-Dicembre 2011).
  • “Innovative non-contact, non destructive sensors for automatic detection on surface and internal defects in hot continuously cast products (NDTCASTING)” (Contract No RFSR-CT-2007-00013) (Luglio 2007-Dicembre 2010).
  • “Process based steel cleanliness investigations and rapid metallurgical screening of inclusions by modern PDA techniques (RAMSCI)” (Contract No RFSR-CT-2007-00048) (Luglio 2007-Dicembre 2010).
  • “Optimization of sampling at liquid steel state and correlative inclusions assessment of liquid steel for improvement of high performance steel grades production processes (SOPLIQS)” (Contract No RFSR-CT-2007-00004) (Febbraio 2008-Giugno 2010).
  • “Optimisation of finishing processes for eliminating rectification of plate and section products (OPTIFIN)” (Contract No RFSR-CT-2007-00014) (Aprile 2008-Dicembre 2010).
  • “Supporting process and quality engineers by automatic diagnosis of cause-and-effect relationships between process variables and quality deficiencies using Data Mining technologies (AUTODIAG)” (Contract No RFSR-CT-2008-00042) (Luglio 2008-Giugno 2011).
  • “Global adaptive model for prediction, characterization and damping of vibrations in hot strip mills (CHATTER)” (Contract No RFSR-CT-2008-00015) (Luglio 2008-Giugno 2011).
  • “Optimised production of low C and N steel grades via the electric steelmaking route (LOWCNEAF)” (Contract No RFSR-CT-2008-00003) (Gennaio 2009-Dicembre 2011).
  • “Improved monitoring and control of flat steel surface quality and production performance by utilisation of results from automatic surface inspection systems” (SISCON) (Contract No RFSR-CT-2009-00034) (Luglio 2009-Dicembre 2012)
  • “New measurement and control techniques for total control in iron ore sinter plants” (TOSICO) (Contract No RFSR-CT-2009-00001) (Luglio 2009-Dicembre 2012)
  • “Development of tools for reduction of energy demand and CO2-emissions within the iron and steel industry based on energy register, CO2-monitoring and waste heat power generation” (ENCOP) (Contract No RFSR-CT-2009-00032) (Luglio 2009-Giugno 2013)
  • Effect of Transients on Quality of Continuously Cast Product” (TRANSIENT) (Contract No RFSR-CT-2009-00005) (Luglio 2009-Dicembre 2012)
  • “Development of an integrative plant, process and quality supervisory system at continuous casting by the intelligent combination of sensors, data analysis and decision support techniques (SUPSYSCC)” (Contract No RFSR-CT-2009-00033) (Luglio 2009-Dicembre 2012)
  • “Hydrogen assessment in steel products and semi-products” (HYDRAS) (Contract No RFSR-CT-2009-00030) (Luglio 2009-Giugno 2012)
  • “Selective elimination of salts for the reuse of process waters in the steel industry” (SELSA) (Contract No RFSR-CT-2010-00035) (Luglio 2010-Dicembre 2013)
  • “Process and technologies for environmentally friendly recovery and treatment of scrap” (PROTECT) (Contract No RFSR-CT-2010-00004) (Luglio 2010-Dicembre 2013)
  • “Technology-based assistance system for production planning in stainless steel mills” (TECPLAN) (Contract No RFSR-CT-2011-00040) (Luglio 2011-Dicembre 2014).
  • “Impact of long-term application of blast furnace and steel slags as liming materials on soil fertility, crop yields and plant health” (SLAGFERTILISER) (Contract No RFSR-CT-2011-00037) (Luglio 2011-Dicembre 2014).
  • “Refinement of flat steel quality assessment by evaluation of high-resolution process and product data (EVALHD) (Contract No RFSR-CT-2012-00040) (Luglio 2012-Dicembre 2015)
  • “Intelligent control station for improved quality management in flat steel production by a next generation decision support system” (ICONSYS) (Contract No RFSR-CT-2012-00037) (Luglio 2012-Dicembre 2015)
  • “Efficient use of resources in steel plants through Process Integration” (REFFIPLANT) (Contract No RFSR-CT-2012-00039) (Luglio 2012-Dicembre 2015) – Visit the project website
  • “Environmental impact evaluation and effective management of resources in the EAF steelmaking” (EIRES) (Contract No. RFSR-CT-2013-00030) (Luglio 2013- Dicembre 2016)[2]
  • “Product Uniformity Control” (PUC) (Contract No. RFSR-CT-2013-00031) (Luglio 2013 – Dicembre 2017)
  • “A novel approach for rating fatigue-initiating inclusions in highly demanding steel” (INCAFAT) (Contract No. RFSR-CT-2013-00014) (Luglio 2013 – Dicembre 2016)
  • “Cyanide Monitoring and Treatment under Dynamic Process Conditions” (DYNCYANIDE) (Contract No. RFSR-CT-2013-00028) (Luglio 2013 – Dicembre 2016)
  • “Removal of phosphorus from BOF-slag” (BOF-SLAG) (Contract No. RFSR-CT-2013-00032) (Luglio 2013 – Dicembre 2016)
  • “Application of a factory wide and product related energy database for energy reduction” (ENERGYDB) (Contract No. RFSR-CT-2013-00027) (Luglio 2013 – Dicembre 2016)
  • “Integrated dynamic energy management for steel production” (DYNERGYSTEEL) (Contract No. RFSR-CT-2014-00029) (Luglio 2014 – Dicembre 2017)
  • “Economic and flexible decentral self-optimising production” (SOPROD) (Contract No. RFSR-CT-2014-00028) (Luglio 2014 – Dicembre 2017)
  • “Predictive Sensor Data mining for Product Quality Improvement” (PRESED) (Contract No. RFSR-CT-2014-00031) (Luglio 2014 – Dicembre 2017)
  • “Optimization of the management of the process gases network within the integrated steelworks” (GASNET) (Contract No. RFSR-CT-2015-00029) (Luglio 2015 – Dicembre 2018)[3]
  • “Novel automatic model identification and online parameter adaptation for supporting the industrial deployment of model-based process control” (AUTOADAPT) (Contract No. RFSR-CT-2015-00030) (Luglio 2015 – Dicembre 2018)
  • “Integration of complex measurement information of thick products to optimise the through process geometry of hot rolled material for direct application” (INFOMAP) (Contract No. RFSR-CT-2015-00008) (Luglio 2015 – Dicembre 2018)
  • “NEW dual-phase steel REinforcing BARs for enhancing capacity and durability of anti-seismic moment resisting frames” (NEWREBAR) (Contract No. RFSR-CT-2015-00025) (Luglio 2015 – Giugno 2019)
  • “Robotic workstation in harsh environmental conditions to improve safety in the steel industry ” (ROBOHARSH) (Contract No. 709553) (Luglio 2016 – Giugno 2019)
  • “Reduction of wear on guiding components in hot strip mill” (REDUWEARGUID) (Contract No. 709920) (Luglio 2016 – Dicembre 2019)
  • “Virtual Design of Cyber-Physical Production Optimization Systems for Long Production Factories” (CYBER-POS) (Contract No. 709669) (Luglio 2016 – Dicembre 2019)



6th Framework Programme

  • “Ultra low CO2 steelmaking (ULCOS)” (Contract No NMP2-CT-2004-515660) (Settembre 2004-Agosto 2009)




  • MANUNET VASMAC 2012-2015 Visual Assisted Stone Machining Center



Regione Toscana

  • “Impiego della Scoria di Acciaieria come Fertilizzante in Agricoltura (ISAFA)” finanziato dalla Regione Toscana nell’ambito del bando Bando “Ricerca ed innovazione in campo territoriale ed ambientale – Contributi alle università, enti ed istituti di ricerca di diritto pubblico, enti pubblici, organismi di ricerca di diritto privato senza scopo di lucro.” (Ottobre 2009-Ottobre 2011)
  • “Sistema Intermodale Integrato per la Sicurezza ed il Segnalamento su Rotaia” (SISSI) finanziato dalla Regione Toscana nell’ambito del bando “PAR FAS 2007-2013, Azione 1.1. P.I.R. 1.1.B” “Promozione della ricerca industriale, del trasferimento tecnologico, dello sviluppo pre-competitivo; valorizzazione della ricerca e innovazione” per il sostegno a progetti strategici di R&S in materia di ICT e Meccanica Avanzata. (Marzo 2011-Febbraio 2014).
  • “Smart Turbine Technologies” (STECH) finanziato dalla Regione Toscana nell’ambito del bando PAR FAS 2014 Linea B, ambito: “Nuove tecnologie del settore energetico, con particolare riferimento al risparmio energetico e alle fonti rinnovabili




  • “3D Printer building blocks using lunar soil” finanziato dalla European Space Agency (Contract No 22835/NL/AF) (Dicembre 2009-Dicembre 2011)