Barbara Fornai

Research assistant
M.Bus –¬†Economist





Phone: +39 050 882512

She is involved in research projects and her activity deal with several economical issues related to the industrial process with a focus on the field of the steelmaking industries. In particular, her current activity is related to the development of models and tools for the financial and economic analysis in order to evaluate the feasibility of a new project. Assumptions and estimations for the production costs and costs savings in case of a new investment are also carried out (Life Cycle Costs). Indicators as Payback Period, Net Present Value, Internal Rate of Return are used in order to perform a financial analysis. In the past, her research activity has been focused also on the development of the methodology of economic KPIs and projections on long term cost and data analysis. Some work have been developed also for supporting some environmental issues and sustainability analysis.

List of Publications