Teresa Annunziata Branca

Assistant Reearcher
M.Sc –¬†Environmental Scientist


Phone: +39 050 882510

Teresa Annunziata Branca is a Research Assistant. She is deeply involved in research activities related to sustainability with a particular focus on the manufacturing and processing industry. She has been involved in several European projects co-financed by the Research Fund for Coal and Steel (RFCS). Her specific research activity concerns the efficient use of by-products, residues and water from different steelmaking processes. She is currently involved in RFCS projects focusing on the different applications for steelmaking slag as well as in projects focused on environmental impact studies in other field of applications.

She has experience as an expert evaluator of project proposals in the TGS9 area (Factory-wide control, social and environmental issues) covered by the RFCS programme.

List of Publications